IlYY Torino: A High Speed YoYo Review

There seems to be a small, but growing trend in the yo-yo world, making multiple sizes based on the same shape. YoYoFactory did it with the 888, calling it the DNA. CLYW has the Peak and the Wooly Marmot, not to mention the upcoming Sasquatch and Gnarwahl. Heck, YoYoRecreation has produced a complete, seven product line of yo-yos based on the same shape. ILOVEYOYO has decided to join the game; first with the experimental 2WEI based off the E1NS and the yo-yo we have today, the Torino, which is based on Dom’s signature yo-yo, the Wasabi. Now, the Torino is not just a copy of the shape of the Wasabi only larger. Like YoYoRecreation, the guys at ILOVEYOYO took the shape and tweaked it here and there to tune the play to their likings. Today we are going to sit down and see if tweaking an existing shape has paid off for the guys at ILYY.

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