ILYY/GENERAL-YO Torino & #82 Kevlar String

First Review
By: cavekid

I was searching for my next throw. I wanted something at a new size, a new company, and something rare. I had gone from site to site, and not retale sites, but the actual companys site. I wanted to see whats new out there, and whats in the works. I had came to General-Yo and saw it. The Torino. I new the specs from previous reviews i had read, and I had really been leaning towrds ILYY, but was looking at my options. The collaboration of these two companys just sounded like magic. I had to e-mail the General himself to get a hold of this baby, a transaction I will never forget. Now the only General-Yo I have is a Mini-Star, and out of all my throws, that little guy grinds the best. And since i started throwing, ILYY was always the most appealing company to me, the throws, the names, and the German enginering. Without a doubt, this is my new favorite prized posetion. It will only touch my hands, it will be put right back in his own little puch when im finished, and will only be played with the best strings. This was a one time deal, only nine made!
Thank you Ernie for this piece of art.

Now what makes this yoyo special is what they came together to do. The yoyo’s specs were not changed in anyway, thats all ILYY. General-Yo did their special bead blast to make it smooth smooth smooth.



  • Shape: Wing
  • Diameter: 54.00 mm
  • Width: 42.90 mm
  • Gap Width: 4.10 mm
  • Weight: 66.00
  • Bearing Size: ILYY KMK
  • Response: ILYY Red Hot SILYY

Now for pics:

My first reaction to this yoyo, is that it is just so so smooth. The finish, the spin and everything under the sun. It is seriously breath takeing. There is nothing like what General-Yo does with their blasting. For shape, I have always loved the wing shape, it flows, it floats, it flys. I really cant put it down. The thing I have always wanted to try about ILYY is the bearing size and the response. I really cant tell much of a difference from a regular size C bearing to their personal choice. It has a great sleep time, just keeps spinning. I really love the response, i have read reviews that people much perfer flowable silicone apose to RTV red, i believe it is called. I think it binds just as well as flowable. Cant really tell much of a differene. Also when i recieved it, the response was a little worn down, not an issue for me, just would have liked to have broken it in. Overall, i absolutley love this thing. I recomend getting a Torino to anyone. This one, you are luckey to get a hold of.

EDIT: The response was scraped with a radius so it starts out more unresponsive, Ernie did it, he says that is what Frank from ILYY does. I was the first to throw it. Thank you Ernie for that info.

#82 Kevlar String

I had seen it online, never in person, never tryed it. I really loved the idea of string made with kevlar, I mean, who wouldent want to throw their yoyo with string that could stop a bullet? I know i do. It hasent been in stock for a while. I had wondered “Am I ever to try it”? Luckely, thanks to forum help, and the purchasing of my Torino, I had asked Ernie if he had any, and thank goodness he said yes. He’s an angel. So he threw it in my box for me, 10 strings for $10. Expensive? Have you ever puchased a bullet-proff vest? Dident think so. It is well worth money. Especially with my new yoyo, it was a MUST have.

50% Pollyester/ 50% Kevlar

My first impression was “GOD DAM, This bag is heavy!”. I took the strings out of the bag and at first touch, this stuff is rough, I almost had the impression it might be too tough. It isent as thick as you might think. But ofcourse, most off all, how does it play? It plays just as well as any old poly string. I mean, other than it being a bit rough, it plays beautiful. The only thing I might advise anyone with sensitive skin, is to whear gloves. Also, it is a bit tougher to get the loop open to put on the bearing, but dosent effect play. It really doesnt even need much to break in. After a few throws, its great. I would recomend it to anyone. If you like your string a hair thicker and extremly tough, then you will love Kevlar String. I will do a follow up review after I have had some expirence with the string after a extended period of time.

I appoagize for poor qaulity of some pics.
Hope this helps on anyones deccision on choosing either of these great products!

nice, could be better.
i will wait for the follow up review in the yoyo and the string…

It was my first review. I wanted to keep it short. I plan on the follow up for just the string.