The thank you post.

This post is about thank you.

Most of you might know about thank you but when some one new joins they dont know about it.

And they don’t give thank you.

This button is you have to hit to give thank you. The one marked with circle.

Just an informative post so that anyone who helps one on this forum get their share of thank yous.

Made this post because when I joined here I didn’t gave thank yous to so many people who helped me here on the forum.




Have a thank you, on the house. ;D


Oh I didn’t understand what you said could you give more deatail on that.

“On the house” is an expression. The house means the owners of an establishment. So if a bartender gives you a drink, “on the house”, it means that you are getting the drink for free.

In this case you were given a Thank you for free, which is ironic since they don’t cost anything to give.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

says the one who joined 3 months ago… mind you most of us are older forum members

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Sometimes I open my freezer and find that its empty.


Best post of the year.

Uses “Thank you” button and still quotes “Thank you”
Noob :stuck_out_tongue:

Now understood.

Yes I know that’s why I mentioned (most of you might know but when some one new joins they don’t know about thank you) like I didn’t knew that there is a thank you button at first.

Once again dont know what this means?

Heh that was the point. :slight_smile:

I think it’s a matter of interpretation. I think it does cost you something, but the cost is not literally monetary. For those who believe that time is money (as I do), even if it takes two seconds to hit the “thank you” button, he may have just spent two seconds thanking a post that he would not usually give a “thank you.”

In Gambit’s case, he already knew about how and why to give a “thank you,” so he didn’t gain anything (new information, or a laugh for example) in exchange for that “thank you.” Therefore, the “thank you” is considered “free.” He was being nice and giving one just because.

I think that this is a long confusing post about why gambit gave a thank you

Sometimes, if you just don’t get something, it might not be confusing for everyone. But, I realize you had some trouble with it. I read it again, and it makes perfect sense to me. It happens.

Wut?..Oh I get it

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Then I realize im poor and i don’t afford zoo tickets so i yoyo instead