The Syrup Debate

So, here it is. It’s been a long standing debate in my family. How do you pronounce “syrup”? Oh, the turmoil, the travesty, the trickery, the tomfoolery, the foolishness of it all!

But seriously, vote.

I’d say it depends where yer from,

In So Cal I think we say Sir-Up

Sur-Up from up here in canada :slight_smile:

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Merriam Webster says:
noun syr·up \ˈsər-əp, ˈsir-əp, ˈsə-rəp\

So there are numerous pronunciations, probably based on locale as noted above.

Or hear it:

They only say “see-rup” in the back waters.


We pronounce it “seerup” here and I can hardly tolerate having a bottle of it in the house my OCD is so bad. It’s too sticky. Cough syrup I can put up with.

Over here we pronounce it “Sih-rup”. Take the “si” sound from the word “sin” or “sick” and add a short and abrupt ‘rup’ on the end. ;D


SIRP. I love it ;D

Europe, the “S” is silent.