The string shack variety packs

To order just send me a pm with your address, name, and payment info. I can do PayPal but if you can’t I can definitely work something out with ya.

For today only all purchases made will include five Santa slacks instead on only two :slight_smile: I hope all of you have a merry Christmas.

I ordered The String Shack “Variety Pack”  just before Christmas last.  In spite of the holidays I received my strings in just a few days and with courteous and pleasant communications. 
The strings are polyester and in several sizes and in several pleasing colors.  The strings in the 7 series are simply named 7, 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3.  These strings are fat, soft and sturdy.  There are also the Winter Wonder Strand and the Santa Slack.
I used them on a Black Magic II, an Equilateral and this past week on a Level 6.  In all fairness it must be said that I am an Intermediate player with limited skills, I can not whip and I am inexperienced in writing reviews.
All this being said I can honestly report that I am happy with these strings. They last and last and do not spaghetti and twist like many other strings I have used. 
Though I found it hard and tough on my fingers the    DM II  preformed well with the Santa Stack.  This is a thin string.  It was terrific in binding and did not twist.  I can not say much about the Winter Wonder Strand  because it just did not feel good to me, but remember, this is all personal taste.
The four different 7's vary in thickness.  All are soft, break in quickly, play well and lasted a long time.  The preference to thickness is subject to personal taste and style.  I was most comfortable with the 7.3.  This is the thinnest of this series and I liked it the best.  
Over all I was quite pleased with String Shack strings and will most certainly order again.

Can other colors be ordered?

Yes sir, I can make colors in my string types whether they are solid or mixed.