The String Shack thread

The string shack is a small yo-yo string company from Utah where we sold string at meets and over our Facebook account to local throwers. Now we want to bring the string shack to the forums. I really want you guys to get a feel for our fun and festive company.

String selection
type seven: type seven and it is extremely soft and plays pretty nicely. It is on the fatter side of things but not so fat that it gets in the way, it provide tight binds, holds tension pretty well and moves somewhat slow.
it comes in:
neon pink
neon green
neon yellow
neon orange
(you can request mixed colors as well for a small fee, maximum of two colors per string.)

types 7.1, 7.2, 7.3: they somewhat similar but have some differences to satisfy your string needs. 7.3 heaviest and fastest string of the bunch it is also the string that gives more string burn, 7.2 is softer, lighter than the stuff on the left and is a little thinner as well. it is also somewhat fast. 7.1 is almost identical to type seven but is a tad faster,thicker, and a tiny bit heavier. This string is about as soft as type seven too. All three types perform slacks well and hold tension nicely.
these come in:
neon pink
neon yellow
neon orange
and white.

I also offer variety packs so you can get a feel of our string without spending a lot of money.
variety packs have the main string types (7, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3) and the seasonal string. each variety pack will contain 10-12 strings depending on how many seasonal string types there are. free shipping.

packs of ten $5
ten pack of seasonal $6
variety pack $4
(you can pay through PayPal or we we can figure out what works through pm)

united states $1
Canada $2

I assume all the string is 100% poly?

I am using the 7’s on three of my throws right now and am very happy with the 7.2. It helps the binding on my Dark Magic II and seems to be holding up well. I have yet to try the 5’s but I am looking forward to doing so.

indeed, I plan to experiment with other materials later on.

For every additional ten pack you get a dollar off of your order!
You can mix and match types and get custom colors too!

double post

All string orders today will include valentines string free of charge! For this weekend only.