String sampler?

I have a couple of other “hobbies” that have websites/business dedicated to samplers for those hobbies. I feel like it is cost prohibitive and wasteful to buy 10-50-100 packs of strings because if you don’t like them there isn’t much you can do.

Does anyone know of a sampler that gives you 3-5 strings of a few brands(kitty, blueprint, toxic, sOMETHING…etc)? It is a good way to charge a little more per string because it allows me to try a few. So instead of 16 cents per string you can charge 25 and I can try out a few different brands to see what I like.

Really good idea, don’t see anything like that but wish there was something like taht I could try as well.

I would like to see this too, I am starting to experiment more with different strings lately and it would be great to get a range all at once.

Yoyoz used to do this but is unfortunately gone now (and as it was in the uk shipping would have been more than the pack).
Would be cool to see a couple of new shops use the idea though! ;D

I know a blade sample company(For old school shaving thats only purpose is to allow you to customize a sampler. They do pretty well for themselves as well. They charge a little markup on each blade but since they are $0.10-$0.50 each, a little markup isn’t terrible.

Shoot the companies an email? You never know.