The Square Wheels REX Has Arrived!

The Long Awaited Third Release From Square Wheels Is Finally Here!

Square Wheels is a young company based out of Kansas City – This keep-it-local operation has achieved some of the coolest designs and most groundbreaking anodizations we have ever seen and they continue this trend with their incredible third release – THE REX!

The REX is the first Square Wheels yo-yo designed with a small bearing and it is just amazing! It is a true competition-level, powerhouse of a yo-yo and with the small bearing equipped those tricky binds will flow with ease!

Not sure about trying out a small bearing yo-yo? Well think about this:

The REX was named after the T-Rex, right? And what comes to mind when you think of a T-Rex? Immense Size? Earthshaking Power? Terrifying Speed and Ferocity? Or maybe it’s their small arms? Either way the T-Rex is a legendary beast that no dinosaur in their right mind would mess with, and those tiny arms didn’t seem to make him less of a killing machine back in his day. So why would a small bearing make the REX any less of a freestyle slaying machine? It wouldn’t!

The aptly named REX was built for sheer competition domination and with this yo-yo in hand you will feel more powerful than the terrifying beast it was named after!

Rex is Latin for “The King.” I’ve heard this yoyo is supposed to be very good…

Crying, bc I have no money for this T.T

It’s very very good! I’ve thrown it pretty much every single day since I got one a few months back.