The Silk


Hi and thx for stopping by…

I received this yoyo as a gift some time ago and I had no idea what brand or model or even how old it is. Eventually someone said it’s a Wolff yoyo. So Ok so after a little research I found out its was designed by Eric Wolff and includes Alchemy yoyos. This is the Silk, an older design from 2006.

The Silk is one of, if not the first Delrin yoyo to be completely machined from Solid Delrin Block with a CNC lathe. Sounds impressive. The Feel of the yoyo is as the name implies, Silky. Compared to other Delrins from Rec Rev and Duncan, this one is the most comfortable in the hand. Also not as hard feeling or rigid as Polycarbonate for example.

The Performance however… Well, leaves much to be desired. I can’t complain too much because it was a gift, but I think this is nothing more than a shelf piece. There is not enough stability or rim weight and way too much center weight as you can see. There is a discrepancy with the overall weight though, some places say 63g and others 65 grams. Personally I feel its 63g as it is very light compared to a 65 gram throw. The axle on this is fixed and HUGE. Also there is way too much vibe on this throw and lacks a lot, a lot of spin life. You can get by ok with front style tricks, but for horizontals, well you really can’t get through lengthy combos at all. I read in some other forum that Teflon tape around the axle will help reduce vibe. I tried it and I got an Up And Down Tug Responsive yoyo. BUT, It can grind wonderfully though, whether its finger, palm or thumb. But beyond this its not something to look forward to playing.

6 years of design evolution does make a difference. One can say that we’ve become spoiled with today’s throws that really deliver lengthy spins. I know there are some Silks floating about on the web and I’ve read that’s its even been tweaked but I wouldn’t trust it. In the End, I would not recommend this throw to anyone, especially by todays standards. It looks handsome and nice but that’s all.


Talk about a blast from the past.

This yoyo was actually pretty awesome back in that time. Mostly for it’s fresh ideas and that it held to the mega-wide shape (everyone loved it cause of The Pyro). It was a HUGE innovation. Machined plastic? No one had ever thought of that. It paved the way for other delrin yoyos like The Milk. I never heard of any playability issues though… The only downside it seemed to have was that the lacing for the axle on both halves was the delrin itself, making it easy to overtighten and cross thread. Then again, it might just need some love.

You have a small piece of yoyo history. I’d hold onto that if I were you.


I agree, they play crappy. The reason is the wall is absurdly high and the gap is too narrow.


Thx for adding this perspective. I love the look of it that’s for sure, and as you say, it makes sense to hold on to it.


You give a **** review to a six year old yoyo that is not even made any more. Good job.
Im curious what is the point, its not like its unknown that the yoyo had its problems, its pretty well known, they sell on the BST for like 10.00-20.00 so?
Is there someone out there trying to sell silks as misrepresented yoyos ?
Or maybe this is a new rend we can all review yoyos that came out over 5 years ago, you know how hard it is too find yoyo reviews, we need more.
Get on it.


Nice review! Yeah it could definitely play better. At least it can still pull through combos ok.


Well, it’s like this. It would be an assumption to believe anything is well known by many at any given time. I’ve been in this a few yrs and never even seen a Silk before,much less tried one until recently. Of course I don’t follow every brand and model out there past/ present. And I don’t know anyone who does either, except dealers. And With new generation(s) of players since, I felt compelled to give this perspective in the event that someone else might come across one and maybe even want to buy it.


You are 100% right about how hard it is to find good reviews. Thanks to the OP for taking the time to post pics and give an opinion (which everyone is entitled to). Not everyone takes the time or the trouble to do this. If they did, there’d be a lot more reviews around.


I enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to put the post together.
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Nice review! Blast from the past for sure!

In 2008 I got 5th place at the worlds mod contest with this yoyo. It really is a nice canvas for modders, almost like a FHZ.


Thx Sniffy! Keep it up as well!


Pardon me whilst I pick my jaw up off the floor… HOLY SMOKE! that looks so cool!! Well how does the performance compare before and after this mod? Man That’s so pretty.


Mmm. Srsly. Thanks for sharing this stuff. For an insomniac Yoyo geek this stuff is always very fun to check out.
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It plays very nice. With the crucial bearing seats you can choose large or small bearing as well. Very floaty, but still has that hint of Silk in there.

Thanks for the compliments… I have a ton more mods, I just need to find the time to upload them all.


here’s my money

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please send me a modded silk now


Haven’t you been doing mods for quite awhile now? I think I remember seeing you around the forums a lot a few years ago haha

For real though, you put everything into it to make it perfect. More rim weight, New response… Did you shim it or anything to make the gap wider? I always wondered why this yoyo wasn’t made for a second run. It only needed a few tweaks!


I am more or less a novice yo’er, but I have been throwing casually for a long time. The Silk def had its day in the sun, and to put a somewhat positive spin on the review I would say it plays ‘floaty,’ as in it doesn’t have that anchored, slingshot-y feeling to it. It’s in a different world than current yoyos. At the time it came out I think the YYJ’s of the time were trouncing it in terms of performance but IIRC they were more expensive. Things HAVE come a lot further, I am amazed every time I get a new yo-yo how they could possibly keep getting smoother :wink: