The siliconing of a Maverick.


Before (this is what one half looked like; you can imagine what the other one looked like :P)

and for the record, my flowable silicone tube was clogged, so the silicone came right out of the tube, not out of the applier thing haha

Well ok. (ignore the excess bits of silicone)

It came out with no vibe, and it palys great :K

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I can never see any of your Where are you hosting them?

A bit messy to start but it cleaned up alright. What did you use to smoothen out the sili?
I use and old bank card then spit on my finger to smoothen out the sili and also give it a slight concave finish.

The reason it was messy was the applier thing was clogged, so I had to push it straight out of the tube, which basically clogged the recess up with sili haha.

I used the end of a screw.

I have a Maverick that I cleaned the bearing on, and thin lubed it like a million times, and it plays great and unresponsive! I can’t imagine how great that plays with the silicone!

It plays very nice, and is less snaggy for sure :confused:

Cool! Do you think K-Pads could fit in there? And if so, do you know what size?

i silied my maverick as well.

I tried siliconing my maverick twice and I recessed the silicon, it was actually responsive. The blue pads are unresponsive, you just have to press them down really hard so that the pads are recessed.

Maybe it’s the brand I’m using. (I’m using G.E.)

I’m using permatex and have always used that. Not sure.

Take out one blue pad and press a YYJ o-ring in there. Then make sure the bearing is cleaned/lubed and the O-ring is snug. That should work best, because I don’t know if K-pads would fit.

Awesome, dude. my only concerns of this when i was thinking of it one day is that the recess would be too shallow, but i guess not. epic job, red on black looks awesome. :wink: