The Real 5a.

I think this is how steve brown really wanted 5a to be.

that was really awesome actually

oh and Galaxy 500 by REVEREND HORTON FRICKEN HEAT!!!

officially best song used by anybody in a yoyo competition

funny and awesome. :smiley:

Shingo has serious style.
OG 5A. My favorite FS of all time.

I like jacob jensen’s freestyle better :stuck_out_tongue:

That was true 5A. :slight_smile:

That vid was insane

… Cool! Glad you liked it!

I can’t take credit for the song, as it was the DJ’s choice… my music wasn’t working.

And Terry is one of the OG freehand/5A/CW players. Few people can match his control.


I get what your saying about how this is what steve intended 5a to be like. Not just an entire divison of guys using a dice to get as many points as posible, but rather a more artistic expansion of 1a, which I think is what Jacob really intened with this fs. Thanks for posting it.

That was an amazing FS to watch live. It was truly awesome.

Very innovative and unique, for that he has my respect.