---The Rainbow Room---

Just messing around mostly and it worked out pretty well. Enjoy, all comments are welcome and sub if you like the video, thanks for viewing.

Bump for the vid.

Pretty sick I like the room. :slight_smile:

All that hair

I love you

That’s insane!

Awesome vid!

Great room and Great tricks!
Nice song choice btw

Thanks for the comments.

When I was about 9, my parents asked me what I wanted that room color to be and I just said, “a rainbow room”…so that is about it, hehe. At 19 now I have kind of outgrown it but it is still an awesome room.

Yeah, long ponytain for sure. I had just had a shower so I forgot to take it out of the vest. Glad that you all like the video and room. I will have to make a rainbow room second version or something like that sometime.

Dude how do you not place higher at contests? Your tricks are pretty nuts if you ask me. You going to be at Nationals?

I screw up a lot, hehe. Getting a lot more consistent though.

No, nats is too far away for me at the moment. I will be at Ohio and Tennessee states and maby massachusetts states but I doubt the MA one.

no hate, i love you man, but is there a secret special reason you wear vests and have long hair? Im just curious :smiley:

No. Never liked getting my hair cut and my grandfather gave me a vest soon before he died and I still like them.

Great vid! The string was a little hard to see with all the background. But other than that it was fantastic!

If you end up doing another rainbow room try a brighter string? Maybe like a bright pink or something.

Yeah, I knew about that from the start. Most of the time you could see because of my clothes but then it kind of went sideways a bit, hehe. I will probably use orange string next time.

Glad that you like the tricks though.

Awesome video. I really liked your tricks. I also loved the song choice.

Orange is always a good choice cause lets face it, how often is there something bright orange in your surroundings? Ha.

Because he is just a boss like that. There doesn’t have to be a reason.