The Pyramid

In route not pictured…

CLYW Blue Bassalope
CLYW Pink Bassalope
CLYW Pink/Purple Wooly Marmot
CLYW Maple Drip Half Orange/Green Half Orange/Blue Peak
CLYW Wolverine BvM

awesome!!! and i want to thank you ibanezcollector because i couldnt have gotten all the cool suicides without your videos ;D

hey Brett, do you by chance like CLYW? I have a feeling you might :wink:

being in a pyramid makes the collection look huge

Haha, what do you mean “looks” huge?? It IS huge!! lol!

hey is the almost transperent one in the top tird row a cosmo 3yo3?

thats a 3yo3 Cloud 9 its a bead blasted Cosmo

really nice collection!!

So much CLYW… So much awesomeness.

Nice collection.

CLYW = awesomeness.

duncan proyo = pure awesomeness
sry i messed up

tear drop* it’s beautiful…

Put me in your will, please.

Pure Awesomene$$

hey, i know you from that place! your like my best friend. remember? so um do you like want to give me a few of those beautiful yoyos mabey? jk