The protostar deal


You could get a yyf popstar and get a protostar for 20



(SR) #3

Except Popstars, in my opinion, aren’t that good.

ProtoStars, on the other hand, are one of the best yoyos made today.




How does it work in the cart the protostar didn’t go down to 20?


right here…buy any yyf metal and get a proto for $20


never mind i found out. :stuck_out_tongue:


I added a SS whistling yoyo. It did not work.


Still a horrible deal because you get a Popstar.




Am I the only one who likes the popstar?


i don’t know. i haven’t tried one. I might like it.


Yah the popstar sucks, but you could get a protostar for 20


Well it would come out to 45 though, cause you’d still have to pay for the popstar.


oh yah I forgot about that part. Well the people who want to try a popstar and want a protostar you could get both for 45


It is possible my friend :-\


I like it, 2 of my friends have popstars and they’re fun to use.


how do you do it. ???