The Pixy by DreamYo | Review

The world just seems to be getting smaller. A bit too small for a big guy like me. Cell phones keep shrinking in size. Cars are getting smaller. For a big guy like me this is torture. I am 6’3, have giant palm tree branches for hands and as things get smaller they just get harder for me to use. I understand why making certain things smaller is a good thing; I remember when cell phones used to come in suit cases. There is sleekness to a small presentation that I can appreciate, but how small is too small? The yo-yo world has a few mini entries already. The Mighty Flea has two models. The Dingo and Saint Eel are not much bigger than a Duncan Freehand Keychain. We have a new one now. The DreamYo Pixy. Of any yo-yo using a standard modern bearing size, the Pixy is the smallest to date. review of the Pixy