the panda reborn fail

so i was messin around with the idea of takeing my old flying panda and giving it new life as wings for my pheonix diabolo and so far total fail put pictures up later


Hate it when mods go bad ha?

Well dont worry, for every bad mod, thats more material for a new mod!

So you took the rims off the panda correct?

I did that and dyed the rims cool colors since dyeing rubber needs to acetone its easy.

I got em and sanded off the cut I had made so it looked smooth, and went out and sold em to some friends at church calling them “EPIC BRACELETS” “THEY DONT BREAK!”

Haha, made a bunch of em from old broken flying pandas I used to have.

A for the left over odd looking yoyo-mobile.

I put it on a drill and sanded all the way down so it was smooth and somewhat mini.
I put in fh2 weight rings (They fit perfect) And BAM!
It was like a mini fh2! Siliconed it, and gave it to my friend Jon for his birthday!

Every mod gone wrong leads to another just waiting to happen.

Dont worry about it!

Good luck with whatever you do!


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sooo agreed,I like to practice on bad mods so I know I can do it.