The Onedrop Bi-Metal Thirst is Real.

Got a closer look at this fellow in Paul and JT’s latest video:

I for one am highly excited. Willpurchase/10  ;D

Too bad I’ll never be able to afford that.

My wallet is seriously going to hate me…so many yoyos I’m after now…new Aviator, Galaxy CzechPoint, not to mention after playing both a Shu-Ta and an Eternal Throw Elysian at a YoLEx meet last weekend, those are on my want list now…also not to mention what I might pick up down at Disney in a couple weeks…oh man…I think my wallet already hates me :slight_smile:

Down in Disney? Where

I’m not too sure about this but I think he’s talking about the Duncan Kiosk in Downtown Disney.

Sorry for confusion, yes the Duncan kiosk in Downtown Disney. After a Duncan Barracuda if they still have any on hand

I’m too lazy to hunt for picks to back this up, but if I’m not mistaken, that’s a completely different design than the bi-metal they’ve previously shown. To my eye, this one looks WAY better and more interesting.

this is most interesting

Darn it. I’m already gonna be in debt for the Citizen, now this! and I also have to save up for Nationals.

They aren’t taking full advantage of the steel rings because they’re not on the outside. Not that inner rings are bad (palpatation is amazing) I just think more could be done with such a cool shape.

Placing weight under the rims seems to be pretty effective. I have no idea how it would compare to putting larger rings on the outside though.

I prefer rings on the inside where they are less likely to get hit and shifted in some way. I’m sure the rings being moved a mm or so to the outside makes some difference but I can’t imagine it makes a big one. Not big enough for me anyway VS being on the outside and becoming a potential source for vibe/knocked loose.

The only con I can think of with the design (and it’s not even really a con) is the diameter. It looks about like 56 mm to me. Weight rings help any diameter for sure but to really take advantage/show off the impact bimetal has, I’d think a smaller 53 and under would be ideal. But see that’s not really a con though cause either way it works. Also I have no real working knowledge about the design of spinning toys so uh… I’m probably just talking nonsense.

In my mind, a lightweight 56+ will show off the benefit of bimetal pretty well. A “normal” weight 56+ will have a positive impact but monometal that size weight already works darn well. A lightweight or “normal” weight smaller diameter both will play drastically “better” as bimetal.

Again I have no studied reason for these words, these are just opinions and thinking out loud.

IMO, I find palpitation vs similarly spec monometals different but not incredibly so. I find sputnik (smaller 52ish) to play better than both similar sized and fuller sized monometals.

PS - main reason I stayed away from Draupnir was the outside rings. I just don’t trust 'em :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks like a must buy for me but I was really hoping for a bimetal with side effects

I can see why they wouldn’t use side effects; they add too mush center weight and would sort of work against the bi metal design. I admit this throw looks very interesting, hopefully they can get the weight sub 63g.

Is this a permanent kiosk or is there a special event going on?

Permanent! I am there on holiday going to see it again :slight_smile:

The shape kind of reminds me of an Anglam, with the cup more like a VKSS. I like it!

But one drop already makes bi-metals. The bodies are 6061 and the SEs are 7075. ;D

If your being technical sure, but most people think of rim weights when they hear bimetal, plus this is clearly different from their other “bimetals” so it should be in a different category.

Looking forward to this one too.  Also, I think that is up for my favorite video this year!