The one, the only, Corrode!!!!(I made a yo-yo.)

The First yo-yo that I made! ;D This took me two days and I had some cool experiences. First, the sides are the tops of spray paint cans. We used them up and my dad busted them open with an ax! Awesome and super dangerous! I also got to use a dremel to cut some edges. The spike in the middle is a thing for lining dowel pins in wood. The response is fish tank silicone. The first in the SYW line!(Skunktail Yo-Yo Works) ;D ;D ;D

how does it play

woah… does it work. i wanna see it play

Sadly it only sleeps for about 2 seconds :-, but i’m working on it!

you just got to get the bearing in right

Haha, Good luck. I really want this to work. Looks weird but cool :wink:

The thing is I need a washer to fill the gap between the side and for some reason it stops the bearing.

I just got it a ton faster! Still uber-reponcive.