The ONE DOLLAR silicone recess! 3 spots open!


Hello everyone! I am going to be offering a service here for a while. I will silicone recess your duncan FHZ for only one dollar! Here are the details.


-You include your DUNCAN FHZ (no other yoyo) and 3.50. 1 dollar for the yoyo, and 2.50 for return shipping. (USA only, sorry internationals)
-I do not include silicone in the yoyo, because that amount of silicone would cost a little over a dollar for me.
-I offer two sizes- broad recess and slim recess. The broad is the about same size as a .555 pad and slim size is similar to flow groove.

This is a broad recess that I did.


Thank you, If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


I just have a question, whats the advantage of silicon recessing a yoyo? And the difference between broad and slim recesses? ???


A sili recess will make your yoyo unresponsive (along w a bearing cleaning) and a broad recess provides a little bit more response that a slim.

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