The Official Ocean's thread.

Anybody else just feeling slightly addicted to the Ocean’s movies. Ocean’s 11-13. Really got some songs from 12 and thirteen stuck in my head so I thought I would post them down here

Always thought a routine with this song would be awesome. Maybe 2a, or some really flowy 1A

More thoughts to come as I find stuff.

One last thought whatever Matt Damon used on Sponder in Ocean’s 13 I want one of those

Correction one (MILLION) of those.

Bollywood thread?  ALRIGHT!

Oceans…if you are going to do it, do it right!!

Mike if you have this movie then I hereby declare we must hang out… Like soon. I’ll drive. I mean it’s not that far right?.. RIGHT??? OH DANG IT.

I LOVE the Oceans movies! Great style and the music is great too!!!