the official food of YYE?

What do you guys think the official food of yoyo expert should be?

i think it should be cheesecake!!! :smiley:

a daffodil and daisy sandwich

Patrick Condon’s Cookie YoYo

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it should be a deli sandwich, think about it after u yoyo, u may always want to get a sandwich…
or atleast i do ;D

Black Berries.

it’s quite ironic, I was eating cheesecake well reading this! ^ ;D


I stand by this…


go cheesecake

how about cheese yoyo

Funnel Cake

ooh funnel cake is also delicious!


well i heard an apple does a better job at keeping you awake than coffee so i guess that leaves more time for yo-yoing!

But I like coffee more

eeeewwww i hate coffee!


mozzarella sticks!

I stand by my SANDWICH.

I think that or PIZZA like said above.