The NorthStar by YoYoFactory | Review

This yo-yo takes me back to Cal States 2010. That March 6th during the 1a prelims, Jensen took the stage without his signature CLYW shirt and carrying three ProtoStars by YoYoFactory. When I announce sponsored players, I always try to say who they are representing. When I saw Jensen with a blank white t-shirt and ProtoStars, I asked him. “Jensen, are you repping YYF or CLYW?” His reply was “YYF” which reeled both myself and the contest crowd and then went on to win the state level contest. He then won Regionals, several national contests, and the World Yo-Yo Contest. It was during that flawless competition run that Jensen decided he loved the ProtoStar, but wanted it a bit heavier to match his play style. This brought us the NorthStar, and a whole community eager to give it a spin.

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great review