The NER haul


So, I made the long-ish drive down to NER this past weekend to hang out with friends, try my hand at competing (spoiler: I didn’t do so great, but I didn’t totally fail out!), and of course acquire some new yoyos.

I was INCREDIBLY fortunate to win two of the three raffles I entered, scoring a stack of stuff (thank you to all the sponsors who donated!) Here are the combined goodies, minus two CLYW snapback caps that I gave to enthusiastic CLYW fans. I was already so lucky, I didn’t mind just saying, “You like it that much? It’s yours!” VERY cool hats, though! Here’s the loot, which includes 3 kendamas, plus in terms of yoyos-- Valor, Amplitude, Hitman X, Journey, Kickside, YoYo Brothers sidecap ProYo: Raffle by gregpettit, on Flickr

In addition to that, I made a few purchases. After trying a bunch of GREAT yoyos at YYE, I asked on a whim, “I know the store indicates being sold out, but you don’t just happen to have some flukey Pulsar Genesis around, do you?” As you can see, they did, which I added to my Diffusion and miscellaneous other goods (D-sized KK, pads)! I made a few other non-YYE acquisitions, resulting in this purely coincidental monochrome-themed set:, Genesis, Diffusion, Flow by gregpettit, on Flickr

As you can imagine, I’m on yoyo overload! NER was insane! I don’t know how I’m going to get around to these! But that’s not a terrible problem to have… :wink:

Thanks YYE for helping me out at the store, but also for hosting such a great event. I’ll be back next year for sure.


So jealous. Two of three raffles? Dang.


You were at NER?! And you didn’t tell me?! I would have said hi to you!


I put all my tickets into the Amplitude one. :smiley: My mother was dealing the tickets

(2Sick Joey) #5

I won the raffle with the albatross and prodigy. Pretty lucky I made it in the room when they were calling the ticket number. I only made one trade and that was for a pure.


I didn’t know about anybody in particular who was going! A few from yomagic’s NER roll-call thread, but that’s it. :slight_smile: For the most part I was praying to recognize people and not draw blanks all day. I got through without too many embarrassing faux pas!

You didn’t figure the old guy named “Greg Pettit” could have been GregP? :wink:

yomagic: That was pretty awesome when I saw you go up. A Pure, too! I would have liked to have played that one. Haha!

Zort Commander: I think there were two-- I bought mine from the lady with the long dark hair… possibly pulled back into a clip or hair elastic? Fuzzy memory… :smiley: She brought me the luck!


That was mah mom


You got a genisis, dang, and a valor?!?!? Three of my top wants. Congrats.


A lot of people might overlook it because it’s surrounded by some big hitters, but that Flow is something special, man. Incredibly smooth… on the slightly “lighter” side without sacrificing spin time… it’s just pretty nutty.

But yeah, the others you mentioned are sweet, too! That nickel Dang is also soda-blasted, so the grinds are crazy. Better than their straight-up pyramatte.


Nice haul! So is the Genesis a b-grade?

And let me know when you get tired of the Flow :wink: I’ve been wanting to pick one up but never saw an appealing color combo…until now!


That’s a nice haul Greg. I actually picked up that same genesis last Thursday from the YYE store. (Got it for 15% off with the sale :slight_smile: ) I kept checking to see if one would pop up and it finally did.


So, the Genesis is not a b-grade. YYE let me try out a BUNCH of stuff during my visit, and I was getting analysis paralysis. Near to walking out with only the Diffusion 2. I knew the Pulsar was sold out, but on a whim I said, “You know how sometimes inventory isn’t counted right or other weirdness happens… you don’t happen to on an off chance have one weird stray Pulsar Genesis hanging around, do you?”

They did!

As for the Flow, the black and clear is the Team Edition. Not sure it’s going to be available retail (unless you swap halves with someone I guess!). Mr. Dynamic originally planned to have the clear side use a different engraving technique, too, which unfortunately didn’t work out-- it would have been a dark engraving instead of the usual raw! :slight_smile: But it still looks great the way it is.

I can’t see getting rid of it anytime soon. It’s an exceptional yoyo. I don’t know why it didn’t get the love it deserved on the first run! This second run has a revised gap, which is good. But the old gap was something you could work with… it’s not like the entire thing was “broken” because of the wider than standard gap!


Do you have any vids of the competition Greg?


I didn’t take any myself, but there are some online. Just look for “NER 2014” and you should see some. John Wolfe’s 5A has to be seen to be believed. There were flubs due to the enormous risk factor (mad respect to John for taking the chance!) but taking 3rd regardless is a sign of the innovation. I commented to a friend after watching it, “John just put the 5A world on notice.” :wink:


GregP, you lucky gun! Congrats


Yup! And the Valor and Amplitude have become main throws. Extra-lucky!


Oh man I just watched that. Really cool! Definitely high risk, high rewards!