the Montgomery Twist – LTT Episode #1

(MikeMonty) #1

Hey everyone!

I just published Episode 1 of my Yo-Yo Show, Learn to Throw :slight_smile: It was a little shorter than anticipated, I thought it could go for about ten minutes but it ended up being four minutes long. I focused on a trick I’ve been getting asked to do a tutorial for lately, the Montgomery Twist. I would really appreciate it if I could get some constructive criticism on the video, just leave it in the comments below the video so it’s all in one place.

Thanks guys!!

“Episode 1: Michael introduces the Learn to Throw Yo-Yo Show, how to hold and throw a yo-yo correctly, and the trick Montgomery Twist.”

Episode 1:

(Jamesofyoyo) #2

Nice! The Montgomery Twist is sick! I just learned it! Great video/tutorial! You made it simple and easy to learn! I am looking forward to watching this in the future! :slight_smile:

p.s. I am home and not at school because
I am sick. :’( (Not in a good way lol! :D)

                                                                                        James Reed!


Awesome! Keep it up man!

(MikeMonty) #4

Thanks guys! I’m glad you enjoyed the first episode :slight_smile: If any of you have thoughts on how to improve this let me know :slight_smile: Thanks!

(Jamesofyoyo) #5

I don’t really know how it can get much better… Just maybe teach a couple more tricks or maybe have a friend teach one of their tricks on the show as a special guest along with your tricks too. Or maybe throw in a peice or yoyo news. But I don’t know because the show is allready awesome just the way it is! :slight_smile:

p.s. I really liked the intro you had for the show, it looked really cool!

                                                                                  James Reed!


Hey Mike. Excellent turtorial! It is so easy to learn it! I did it a couple times, but when I curl that string under the other string, it just comes out as a weird triangle thing sometimes.

Any idea on what I am doing wrong?>

awesome trick by the way.

(PutridNebula) #7

w00t again!

Edit: Also try a darker color string maybe so we can see the string a bit better in contrast. Just a thought after watching it again.

Also, still w00t… :smiley:


I have not been yoyoing for a super long time (August this year) but I have watched a bunch of tutorials of tricks. And in my opinion that is one of the best tutorials I have seen. Just the fact that you talk to explain it and not have paragraphs of text is one of the huge things that makes it awesome. One thing to improve on that I think you could take from Andre’s videos is just have your friend Cody farther back so that the camera gets you and the yoyo. Maybe zoom in if it’s a more technical part of a trick. But it felt kind of awkward to me. If I am the only one who thinks that don’t change it just for me.
But I would like to say thank you for doing something like this. It is a great addition to the community. Keep up the good work.


The reviews are in Mike. The shows a hit! ;D

(MikeMonty) #10

I think I’d have to see it to understand what is happening; there is a possibility there are a couple too many wraps and the string is catching on itself. It’s possible the yo-yo somehow ended up going through one of the loops you hold in each hand as you flip the yo-yo around (though this one is unlikely). I’ve never stumbled across this catch personally. If you have a camera and can film the problem and upload it I’d love to troubleshoot with you to figure it out :slight_smile:

JamesOfYoyo: Thanks! I’ll add in an extra trick next week and we’ll go from there, I’m trying not to overlap with StringBurnLive too much, but if there ever is news at the beginning of a week or right after a show of theirs so it missed their news segment I’d feel comfortable talking about it then :slight_smile: We’ll just play it by ear! Thanks again!

d4qk0n3: Thanks for the tip! I’ll pick up some different color strings at the store this week and we can experiment with them in episode 2 :slight_smile:

funkyman50: I’m glad you enjoyed the episode so much! Next week cody and I will be moving the show into my family’s shop that is much longer and will give us more space to work with. We’ll also record a few different angles. It’s hard for me to add them in with windows movie maker so I’m going to try and get roxio to work on my laptop again :slight_smile: That one let you mix and match video with audio :slight_smile:

mamonga: Hehe, I’m very excited! I would have been happy if 1 person watched it, this is just amazing :smiley: