The Mighty FLEA On Cloud String


Has anyone given Cloud String on The Mighty FLEA a try? I’m going to give it a try this weekend. I think it’d be thin enough and a good combo. (I’m just guessing, we’ll see…) I love how heavy the MF is for such a tiny throw. I love the elasticity of Cloud String. I’m going to jam the two together like a Reece’s Peanut butter cup and hope for a match made in heaven.


I guess go for it. But you’ll have to seriously shorten a cloud string for it.


No I have a ladder.


Lol! Quote of the day!
Let us know how it turns out :slight_smile:


I hooked this up today. It SCREAMS back up the string. It’s so fast I can’t catch it. Spins for eternity.


I actually have to throw this easily now. I used to throw it down like a hot hand grenade into a jet engine exhaust. This little yoyo comes back so hard it hurts. I mean it really hurts, and I’m not a delicate flower.

(ChineseMassProduction) #7

make a video and post it here

i want to see what it looks like




Ok. Give me a few days. I’ll make one.


Is the Cloud String thin enough for the Mighty Flea? My Mighty Flea strings are super thin so they can wrap around that tiny bearing in that tiny gap.


I feel like it’s not but we shall see :wink:

(InvaderDust) #12

I know what you mean. I used to have to throw pretty hard, but after switching to cloud strings, i get WAY longer sleep times with a fraction of the power i used to have to put into them, and binds tighter too. Looking forward to seeing it work on the flea!


I made a couple of attempts yesterday before bed. My binds are hit and miss on a regular yo2 so as soon as I catch a good one on the mini I’ll post it.


It’s a little thicker, but not by much.


Ok. I’m pretty analytical. There will be no video… I’ve had many many binds occur. Everything about them should have resulted in a good bind. I’m almost certain the problem is that the condensed weight and incredible spin velocity is hitting the bind, the cloud string, being somewhat elastic, is stretching then snapping back up and ruining the bind. You can feel it and you can see it. In closing, I do not recommend using the cloud string on a Mighty FLEA… But I’ve also been unresponsive yoyoing for three weeks…

(ChineseMassProduction) #16

Only 3 weeks?

What were you using before that?


Duncan Imperial. I knew that there was such thing as a trans-axel but I’ve only ever owned an Imperial. I’ve used one on and off since I was six. Finding these unresponsive throws is amazing and has opened the world of yoyos I was always looking for.

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I honestly didnt know anyone actually threw an imperial anywhere other than in the trash. Learn sothing new everyday! :o


Honestly really enjoy Duncan imperials and butterflies :slight_smile:

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I love the Butterfly.