The Martian, Bowl MG, and Bowl 303 by RSO!

A true showcase of RSO in one big release here at YoYoExpert!

Presenting the Martian, The Bowl MG, and the Bowl 303!

Available starting tonight at 8PM ET!


Presenting The Martian by RSO!

It is difficult to accurately describe the playfeel of Martian - it is neither floaty nor solid playing, but it has plenty of… soul. The Martian plays slightly heavier with more center weight, with a very peculiar bounce when it hits the string. Every now and then, an RSO yo-yo with a seemingly simple design blows me away, and the Martian is one of them. Features a beautiful engraving and side effects for unmatched style and collector’s piece.


Bowl MG. “Fluffy”, floaty, nimble.

Bowl Mg is a stunning yo-yo that beckons to be held. Its exquisite, almost white/light grey matte finish is a sight to behold, unlike anything you’ll find on other metal alloys.

But it’s not just a pretty face - the magic happens when you start throwing it. This yo-yo’s playfeel is nothing short of nimble and airy. The weight is evenly distributed thanks to magnesium’s low density, giving it a distinct, almost “fluffy” movement signature on the string and impressive hang time. It’s like playing with a yo-yo made of marshmallows or helium.


Playfeel-wise, Bowl 303 plays slower, is more laid back and is easier to control than its similar-sized counterparts. Given the difference in both material and weight distribution, it is hard to say which is the dominant factor contributing to the different playfeel. I made the rims more rounded (and consequently slightly thicker) than the stainless steel Bowl Mini, so the yo-yo feels more comfortable in hand.

Bowl 303 is polished to almost a mirror finish - you can see your reflection clearly. The stainless steel looks more premium with a mirror finish than a brushed finish. Although production costs were increased, the finish on Bowl 303 stands above the rest.


Soo stoked


Mg Bowl scoooooped baby thank you @YoYoExpert as always for being the GOATs