The Luftverk Fulvia-R Releases July 8!

Jeffrey Pang is back at it again with a new titanium model. After traveling to Hong Kong to meet with manufacturers, discovering new machining techniques, and prototyping over 9 versions, the Fulvia Series was born! This is the Luftverk Fulvia R!

The Fulvia R was created with the Fulvia BTM-R as an ultimate rim weight experiment for Jeffrey. These were an attempt to create a yoyo that has been a “what if” thought for a very long time. The amount of work that went into the creation of the Fulvia series has trumped everything else before in the Luftverk line-up. everything was made a certain way for a reason, and not thrown together without thought.

The full titanium Fulvia R focuses on higher spin speeds instead of brute rim weight. With the slightly thicker body section, it has more mid-weight than the BTM-R making it a much more forgivable, but still competition focused throw.

With a beautiful hand polished finish this yo-yo has a fantastic look. And after throwing it we have to say it feels fantastic in play too! It plays extremely fast and light with high amounts of stability and spin time.