The list of Steam

Steam names go here. I’ll be making a list of all the names people post here. Let’s start:

(Fuzzwad) Fuzzwad

({RTD} Alecto) Mr.Lactose

(Yoyofoot) CarlGel

(Abby1371) -==Gnomes On The Roam==–

(JonasK) Proxymate


What is this Steam? I’ve heard about it, but I don’t understand what it is.

So it’s basically a gaming platform community

Take a look there, and all your wishes will be granted. It’s essentially a game store, forums, modding community, and software development rolled all into one. You can watch streams, download games, make mods for games, (Steam Workshop) and do a lot of other cool things.


–==Gnomes On The Roam==–
I need more yoyo friends on steam.

We do have a YYE group. It might be pretty inactive but it is still pretty useful for finding people.

Turns out I’m an admin of said steam group. I think you should be able to just join it.

I’m Proxymate on Steam.

Just joined the gruop, anybody on there play Rocket League?

My name on there is Yoyobro…I know…I am so creative! :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually just changed it, I am now /HappyPikcel




Lucky shot
add me if u wanna play cs