The Lefty thread locked

The thread that was just locked would not have been locked if I would have had better manners in the thread.

I made a wise crack that didn’t sit well with Austin(Lefty).

He reacted pretty much how I would have reacted in the same situation.

I should not have escalated the ‘moment’ that resulted in both of us getting a little too hostile for this forum.

I’ve always told people that all problems start at the beginning. He reacted to something that I said. But the problem wasn’t his reaction. The problem was what I said in the first place. It’s not the problem that he decided to step up and call me out.

Before the thread was locked, I’m sure at least a few of you somewhere across the country, probably made a mistake of falling into the thread and seeing what happens when one man gets dumb and causes another man to fall in the same mud puddle.

For those of you that have known me for years or even months, you know I have a certain style. Some people like it and some people don’t.

But in this particular instance, even I realize I could’ve had a lot better demeanor in the thread.

I’m not big on apologizing as a rule, but in this particular instance, there is no doubt that I stepped outside good manners, and good judgment.

I’d like to offer my personal apology for being a jerk of the day to the members of the forum and especially to Austin, who was basically only throwing back what I was throwing at him.


I would like to apologize to you most importantly, and to everyone else as well. There was no need for my immaturity and for what I said either. You absolutely were right to question my idea because it really was just describing the YYE forum in the end (it was a really silly idea, I’m the first to admit that). I really appreciate this post and I really appreciate the personal apology you sent me as well. I think you and I are a lot alike and should stay in touch/talk throws every now and then. Much respect sir.

Also: I won’t be posting or making threads anytime soon but now that I do know a little more of who you are and your demeanor, please do call me out on my stupid ideas and joke about it with me. I’m actually not one to get offended like that easily or anything and will joke right back. It was just that certain situation and not knowing you I guess is what made me act foolish. Again though we are all good here and I appreciate your sincere apology!


At least you guys got shut down for a disagreement about throws that got heated. I was typing a response on the renaming suicide thread then before I could post it got shut down because someone wanted to give history lessons and there were takers.


I just read it ,very sad I couldn’t get a response in either . LOL


Yep I get it, the idea was silly considering that’s what this forum basically is. But at least I was trying to get something started and meet a few people and try and welcome in new members. I won’t be posting or making anymore threads anytime soon though. Learned my lesson to just stay quiet and in the shadows

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You’re fine buddy . Post here more . The thread I was referring to was a different that got locked around the same time .

We all do things that make us face palm but stick around and get to know some people . What’s the worst that could happen ?