The Last Call - A new video

I was originally gonna post this video later on for a contest, but I decided to upload it today:

Lemme know what you think!

Another great vid, Samad!

Sick! Dedicate a video to me lol…

I made this video 10x Harder. XD
++ EARTHQUAKE at :31? (I did that.)

OK, seriously, stop getting so much better so fast. It’s hard to keep up! ;D

so good.

One of your best videos yet. I would be suprised if you did not win that contest. And congratulations on getting it featured on YoYoSkills!

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Nice vid. I was feeling it. ;D

Cool video… As always…
I always liked your video…

And it’s awesome to get your video posted in YoYoSkill…

You keep on rockin’ it, you “Just Left Me in the DUST”…

And on YoYoSkills…Major Props!!



Are you sponsored yet??

Bud bud bud thats all that needs to be said!

I feel special. he used the song on my video. :smiley:

I posted my video with this song before you did…

Samad = PRO


By far your best one yet.