The "I wish I didn't have to" Yoyo Sale

So I have a new job oppurtunity, but it requires me to purchase a couple of things I need for my computer to be efficient (namely a new wireless headset, a new hard drive for my PC, and, if I get enough, a new monitor). I am currently using an old TV for my computer monitor as my wife works from home and uses mine. So, as much as I hate to sell off pieces of my collection, I have no other way to fund these purchases. Everything for sale has pretty much lived in a case as I have multiples of most of these (except a couple), so they are all in perfect condition. Prices shown include shipping and PayPal fees, so what you see is what you pay.

KnotCreators’ IceWoof - pink/clear fade - w/ box - $50 shipped
This is an awesome little bimetal throw I actually got from their kickstarter a year or so ago. It’s a fun throw, and I love the engraving, but it just doesn’t see much play.

(Pending)Retic Burm - Planet Namek colorway - w/ box - $80 shipped
This one really hurts…this colorway is no longer available, and no future runs of this colorway on this yoyo are planned afaik.

Willing to work out deals if you want to buy multiples. I always try to throw in some goodies with each purchase!
I’ve been kind of inactive on the forums this year due to having a baby in February, but you can find my forum trade feedback link in my profile.



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Sold: both Adders, Atra, Boa
Pending: Burm

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