The "I quit playing a long time ago" thread Custom Anno'd Avalanche and Summit.

What’s up YYE?!
I’m looking to get rid of the my remaining throws. I have thrown any of them in along time soooooo I might as well try to find them a loving home!
OD/CLYW clear summit - mint $90 (obo) shipped
CUSTOM ANNO’D Clyw avanalche 1of1 mint with no box 150ish? obo

I’m not entierly sure of the exact story of this yoyo. I know it was won in a 3a contest, I’m pretty sure it’s monkeyfingered ANNO’D. Offer on this one, If I have to keep it in okay with it!

Don’t like my prices?!?

That’s fine, pm an offer

I will try to get better photos tonight.
Only if you have a peak (not a peak 2)

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bump. Show these throws some love!!! ;D

all reasonable offers wont be ignored!

back from the dead!!! Someone wants to buy these guys!

bump. please offer!!!

Bump $125 shipped take it! throw is way too nice to be sitting on my shelf collecting dust!