The Human Beings Thread

This is for all the fans of the hit NBC show, Community. Here you can talk about your favorite characters and episodes, your wait until season 4, how Jeff has a big forehead, upload anything from the shows and anything else related to the show! Enjoy!

Pierce will be missed by me… :frowning:

Well, it’s still worth watching…Maybe…

Pierce was my 3rd favorite character,but I’m fine with the decision. When Troy leaves will be an issue…

True…That would lose a lot of peeps…For a lot of reasons.

My favorite episode is either the modern warfare or the fort

My favorite episode is the first Halloween episode, when Troy and Abed were talking about eating donuts.

was Homer there?

They were talking about what would happen if they woke up as donuts…

This thread is streets ahead! Only a week left until season 4,have you started your marathon?

I have the weirdest you know what right now. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t wait.

Chang has Changmesia…how’s that supposed to play out?

XD I love Chang, his bashes are legitamately the funniest and most awkward.

So,if you didn’t see Thursday’s episode,I highly suggest Hulu. But if you have, time to dean-cuss it!

The Changnesia I think is the funniest thing. XD

Greendale Babies Forever and Pierce trying to find a joke about the balls was funny