The Hildy Brothers vs TMBR


How does The Hildy Brother’s Currier compare to TMBR yoyos? I really want to get a wood yoyo and I like the look of the Currier.


I’m a little biased as Luke Hildy is one of my good friends, but I’ll try to present the facts as best I can.

I’ve tried a couple of Curriers, owning one that is partly bamboo. The few that I’ve played have been impeccably made with even sanding, axle spacing, and owner tested before sale. The use of wooden caps(not traditional Duncan style caps) is a different take on the design instead of an “axle plug” visible from the side of the yoyo. Each one that I’ve tried(including my own) is pretty unresponsive compared to something like a plastic Butterfly, while still being responsive like a fixed axle should be. The Currier’s play can be changed depending on what type of cotton string you use. It’s ideal for a type 8, while a type 6 can be used, but will be even more unresponsive(a little too much for me.)

I’ve owned one Tmbr Fremont and tried one Irving. The Irving was semi unresponsive for my taste, and unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to experiment with different types of cotton. My Fremont is a pretty light-weight throw(mine was the walnut version.) I feel that spin times suffered a little because of the light weight, and slim design. My Fremont’s grain was absolutely beautiful, while unfortunately, the edges were sanded unevenly. The Fremont left a little something to be desired. While my experience with the Fremont doesn’t seem to be the norm, I still feel as though I could have spent my money another model and enjoyed it much more. It seemed more of a trophy yoyo for my shelf than to carry in my pocket every day. That being said, I’d still love to try another Tmbr product especially the Baldwin or Turner, as both designs look very like very fun yoyos.

My clear choice would be Hildy Bros, but I’m trying to remain as unbiased as possible. At the prices both companies sell their yoyos for, you could stand to support Hildy Bros. and Tmbr!

I hope this helped.


Thanks for the advice! I’ll definitly get a Currier. I just hope they’re still in stock by the time I can get one XD


The currier is awesome, though it is very heavy for a fixed! Like it feels heavier than some of my metal throws. Plays so solid and smooth though! Definitely a quality feel. Id also check out JFF (just for fun) yoyos. Theyre some new nice wood ones made by the voodama doll guy :wink:


I’m not sure what my friend has, but my issue with the that Hildy Brothers yoyo is it is not a take-apart design, and for me, I keep getting knots.

Other than that, I don’t have any issues with Hildy Brothers. I do have 5 TIMBRs though. I’m just not interested in getting any other wooden fixed axles at this point in time. Down the road, yes, and I do want to get other brands as well. This is one of the brands I’m going to keep in the running for consideration.