The Hildy Brothers (Instagram Video Contest!)

Hey guys! You may have noticed that YoyoExpert is now carrying the fixed axle throw known as The Currier, made by us, The Hildy Bros.

So, if you have any questions or anything, ask us here!

PS: We are working on new editions of The Currier as well as a brand new yoyo, expect to see some cool stuff later this month.

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They look beautiful; love the severed arm design. I’d love to bust my knuckles up with one of them :smiley: what type of response Do you guys use?

Aaaaagh! Want one so badly, but I always wait for a big order so that shipping makes sense for me. Darn you DS Pride, where are you? :wink:


I have one of these winding it’s way towards me. I’m really excited because this is my first fixed-axle. I loved the comments that these may have some weight behind them - this is what made me pull the trigger, oh and also they just look stunning. I can’t wait to give one a throw.

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they look so… right.

Just wanted to give a little update on my new Currier. First off, I think this is a thing of beauty (cherry and grape variety). It is really well carved, well shaped and is worked to be incredibly smooth in the hand. The shape is actually really good - something that also helped maneuver me towards this purchase. It plays much smoother than I was anticipating for a wood throw as well, and as yet I have had no knots that have caused me too much grief with it not being able to be taken apart. The real point I wanted to raise here though is that mine is almost 100% unresponsive out-of-the-sleeve (ie. box). With neutral string tension it is very difficult to get the throw to return without binding, to the point where I have given up and simply bind every time. This applied to the string the throw came with, and it’s even closer to completely unresponsive with YYE 100% cotton which is what I’m using now. In itself this is not a problem, but without the ability to change the axle setup this is something one should be aware of before purchasing. An example of the unresponsive nature of this throw is that I can happily pull off Kwijibo and have never had the yoyo return to me during the trick. Again not necessarily a problem but something one should be conscious of.

Brand new editions of the Currier are up on YYE now!

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Awesome, I love the ones I already have.

Also, everyone needs an Emmett ;D.

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Glad to see more stock here! Soon as I have money I’m going to add a Hildy Bros throw or 2 to my collection.

@yooldman…so jealous of the multi-ply Currier!

If you don’t mind, how much does the Emmett weigh?

The multi-ply Currier not only looks great, it also plays great.

My Emmett tips the scales at a healthy 62.9 grams.

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Thanks, yooldman! That’s nice and solid, and a guarantee of no splinters is sometimes nice. :slight_smile:

Thanks yooldman ( I think you might have the best collection of our throws)! We are working on more multi-tone yoyos.

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I want to give a whole-hearted thumbs-up to these throws.

really fantastic!

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The Emmett is now available on YYE!

We are also teaming up with Andre to throw an instagram video best fixie trick contest. Follow @hildybros and @yoyoexpert on instagram for details!

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Grab your fixed axle throw and get ready to show us a trick!

We are throwing a fixed axle trick contest with @HildyBros to win some great prizes!

Here’s how to enter:
Come up with your best fixed axle trick and post the video on Instagram with the tags @hildybros, @yoyoexpert & #emmett

1st prize is a super limited black Emmett
2nd place gets a Skull Ed. Currier
And there’s a surprise prize going to the most creative/funniest/best costume entry

Contest ends 11/28/13

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I’d do this if I still had my ipod… :’(

The Instagram Best Fixed Axle Trick Contest ends Tomorrow!