New #FixedAxleFriday Release from Hildy! AZALEA & Spectra Ply Curriers!

hildy-bros-azalea-1 hildy-bros-azalea-2

The Azalea is the first new shape to come out of the Hildy workshop in a few years, and it was worth the wait! This new hand crafted design features a larger diameter and a much smaller wall than their flagship model, The Currier. The more modern angular shape allows for tight stalls and agile regens!


The hand-turned American-made Currier was the first Hildy Bros yo-yo available here at YoYoExpert and has become their flagship model. It has the perfect no-frills design and the utilization of different woods really gives these yo-yos a refined look.



Those stripes :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:! I still think I want an Aussie wooden unresponsive before this! People really need to collaborate more! Also ‘Eat more Pagpag’!

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We gotta get you off this pagpag thing


I know it is so unhealthy but soo good!

That was the last joke for now! Something will arise leading to another episode!