New Hildy Brothers Emmett | Delrin Fixed Axle Throw!

The Hildy Brothers are a group of brothers, Brent, Jon, and Luke, from Virginia who all share a passion for woodworking, design, photography, and of course - yo-yos. They consider themselves to be “Modern Vagabonds” and that is exactly who they make their beautifully crafted yo-yos for.

The Hildy Brothers are pushing the limits of fixed axle performance with their newest creation – The Emmett. The Emmett is a unique fixed axle throw with a delrin body and steel axle. It is slightly undersized and because it is made from Delrin it has a completely unique feel and play style. The Delrin is denser than wood so the Hildy Brothers were able to pack more weight into the smaller frame of the Emmett, and since Delrin is a much more consistent material it creates a very smooth throw with a long spin time.

The all new Emmett is the perfect combination of high end performance and fixed axle fun! So if you thought the Hildy Brothers wooden yo-yos were good, you will be blown away by the unbelievable Emmett! This is the perfect fixed axle pocket throw.


So interested in this because I’ve never tried fixed axle before, but when shipping costs more than the yoyo (without factoring in customs charges which I always seem to get), it isn’t really worth the investment.

Oh to live it the USA…

I might try modding my C3 halo to see if I can get the same thing going. To the drawing board!

Very cool. Never thrown fixed axle but with so many great looking throws coming out it seems like it’d be fun to get into and allow for a comparatively inexpensive collection compared to most high-end metals.

I take a break from spending my internet time on yoyo’s … and i completely missed this one.

White delrin… begging to be dyed. I still have some christmas cash to spend 8)