Hildy Brothers Recess Skateboard Currier

I decided to treat myself this holiday season with another Currier. Is three Curriers too many or not enough?

I have a thing for wooden yoyos… All these plastic and metal yoyos are just too fancy for me. So when my instagram account started showing new pictures of the Hildy Brothers new project dropping in the month of December, I was interested. Well that interest caused my wallet to get lighter and my collection to grow by one more Currier. I thought I would share some pics…

The Currier came in a plain brown bag you’d buy coffee in and was tagged on both sides with the Recess Intl and the Hildy Brother’s logo. Nothing fancy. Totally functional.

The contents were straight forward. There’s a beautiful maple yoyo with purple heart caps. Its string was already on and an extra wooden axle and string were in the bag too. A nice touch with the extra axle… “Extra axle?”, you ask? I forgot mention that… the special feature of this Currier over the prior ones is that you can take it apart. Its not your old school wooden Currier anymore!

It totally unscrews. This is a major upgrade in my opinion and well worth the extra cost. String tangles will never be a problem again!

The caps had a nice print of each of the logos… I sort of wish they were etched in like the prior Curriers, but the smooth sides of this yoyo gives a completely different feel from the two other Curriers I have. It just begs to be thrown.

I won’t lie I like to tinker, so I grabbed a Spintastic Tornado 2 I had and took out the bearings and dropped them in the Currier. They fit nicely! I threw on some Kitty String and took it for a spin. Normal cotton string seems to offer a little resistance making for slightly “rough” throw for me. I can feel the string rubbing against the wood, the Kitty String is as smooth as silk. I love how simply changing the string can completely change the character of a yoyo!

Overall I think the build quality of this Currier is better than the two padauk Curriers I have. They’re great yoyos. (I modded both of those to have brass axles to smooth them out and sleep longer.) But the Recess Currier seems to be a step up from those… its a refinement of their great traits and that makes this an awesome wooden yoyo for all those people who like old school yoyos with a modern twist.



Wow, that thing is gorgeous! Do the normal Curriers have the same response design? I hope the caps stay purple for a long time. I’m thinking they will because of the coating. Awesome!

Cool, can’t wait mine!!!

Do you mean that Purple Heart tends to fade over time?

The ones I have, have 4 larger holes instead of the 8 small ones.

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