The hidden puzzle game


Okay, so this is a really complicated game, but it can be a ton of fun.
The concept is simple. One person hides instruction in their post, and the person who finds the instructions has to follow them in their post. The instructions could be something like “Post a picture of a potatoi” or “Only use numbers in your post” or something like that.

How to play:
-I (the initial poster) will make a post, and I will hide instructions somewhere in the post.
-The person who finds the instructions will make a reply and follow the instructions in their post. They will also hide new instructions in their post.
-The next person follows the previous instructions.

1.Under no circumstances are you allowed to quote any person in this thread (as quoting will sometimes give away the instructions) (You can break this rule only if the person who hid the instructions says you can, “you can quote me”)
2.The instructions themselves do not have to be located directly inside the post itself, but there must be a clue in the post that leads you to the instructions. (ie: the instructions can be linked to, or hidden somewhere around the post).
3.If a clue/instructions is deemed too hard to find by the majority of people, someone (whoever wants to) will make a new clue. (The original poster of the clue can decide, if they want, to show where the instructions were located.)
4.Think outside the box (I’ll start off easy, but this game can get ridiculously complicated.)
5.Have fun. Don’t take everything too seriously.
6.If you want to say something unrelated to the clue at hand, let everyone know in your post (“This is unrelated to the game” or something like that in your post)

The game is now officially started. I will make a second post, and that will be the first clue.



. I think.

Vitas’s Biggest Hit (post youtube link)


By the way u can quote only to find answer, but dont post the quote


I found the secret message!
think bold
This is a fun game!!!
use all blue in your post
I think I know how it works!
use all red in your post!


Merry Christmas!!
Make your post all in hyperlinks


egnats tib a si siht


What were the instructions again?


Not related to the game:
Hang on guys, what happened? I don’t see the answer to yoyoguy4’s original clue.

Also, remember to put instruction.


ha! i get it now… mine was backwards… heres a new one

774748-2662 … . … … … . … … . …

the numbers correspond to the numbers on a phone, and the dots correspond to the letter on that number in the same order


Not related to the game:
You gotta follow the instructions exactly. Don’t worry about it this time, but just keep that in mind.


What’s my favorite yoyo again?


Mine involves some dark magic and a bit of split decisions.
use the 13th word of a certain yoyos yoyowiki page in your post



Not related to the game:
nobody, read the rules, you’re not playing right.


No one ever answered mine :frowning:


yes i did


Not related to the game:
yoyoguy’s right, no one did post the youtube link.


ohhh kay, now im confused


hgfrgsgvsdfgdsgssdgdfgfdsgsd[color=teal]fdgdsgdsgds[color=limegreen]dsfgdsfgdsfg[color=purple]find the V[/color][/color][/color]



The “v” is in between the g and the s in the red words. SOMEONE POST MY YOUTUBE LINK!!!