The half official US Nationals thread!

Hey, Nats is right around the corner. Any one coming? I would hope so! Any one competing? I think we all know that answer. So come on down and tell me your greatest nats experience, whether its from last year, or the years before. Mine was I got my first Metal at Nats. A Wooly Marmot at Bird in Hand.

Ahh, good times!

Have fun, throw and what not,


I think all of my nats were special, but it would be 2004 when augie won just cause he was and still is my idol just 6 years ago i was ten and i thought it was the COOLEST thing in the world that i could go up to augie and just talk to the guy. Along with that i think that year especially all of the competitors were so good and the competition was super close so that made it just that more interesting… ;D

Nats is just under a week away, oh yeah! I cannot wait!! Supah cool!

I’m going! So excited!!! It’s bad that I’m sick, but that’s not going to stop me from going.