Nats? YES



Great job everyone!

Nice competing Pros! And Augie is 5th again?!?!?

Jayyo got 10th place! Yay!

Happy Throwing! =]

Wow that was quick… And way to go Jayyo top ten!

Oh that 1A, As Usual Names again. hmp!

Any video’s?

They’ll probably be uploaded tommorow-tuesday.


Sure did!

Nat’s stands for…

Yes! I knew Miggy would win! I didn’t expect Sterling to beat Tyler, though. I can’t wait to see the freestyles!

national yoyo competition

It only stands for Nationals. NYYC stands for National Yo-Yo Contest.

I have to say, Augie had the best performance. When he was up, everyone dropped everything and watched, He hit so many slacks and whips even in the wind. Nats was TRUlY awsome! I talked with Augie after the comp and I saw Yukki after the comp at chapotle, It was really fun!

I was there and Sterling should have won, hands down the most amazing performance I have ever seen. This is all my opinion so no flaming please. Augie was great i was suprized he didn’t make the top 3.