The "Grandma Kimmitt Sandwich" Tastes Bad (New Problem)

So as I was practicing the good ol’ GKS, as I was continuing to learn it, I found that it is rather hard to pop out of the triangle for the first pop because it is so small. Any tips for this? Here is a video to kind of describe a bit better, hopefully you can see it. So basically my question is, how can I make that triangle bigger? I’ve tried quite a few different things, and I have actually tried it a fair amount of times, so I haven’t just tried it once and made this post. Thanks.

You have to do more of a roll through the triangle then a hop.

But then I don’t think that I would have enough time and air to land it on that string that I’m supposed to land it on. But I’ll practice that for awhile.

Errr… it kind of helps… but… any other tips perhaps?

The only other tip i have is practice. Sorry.

Not your fault. :-\

Hi ! Jensen’s grampa here Google…Grandma Kimmitt sandwitch for tutorial Regards EIEIYO


And tell Jensen to make up a trick for you called the “Grandpa Kimmitt Burrito”, will you?

That made me laugh though, thanks! :smiley:

Also tell your wife (or grandma on the other side?) that her sandwhich tastes bad. After getting into the mount i tasted it and it was just horrible.

Heh heh yeah. I think it could use a bit more cheese and lettuce, but that’s just me, personally. :wink:

But back on to a serious note. What I noticed about this trick. Speedy smooth tradition is key. To get through that first pop, I found it easier if the triangle is kinda small, makes it a lot easier to land that string on ur thumb. Once u get through that part the rest is straight cake mix.

This thread is back up again with a new problem. I can get to the GT, even though not smoothly do it yet, but still correctly. The problem is that the GT looks extremely demented and not really a triangle. Like the “bottom” part of the triangle is so far in the yoyo that it doesn’t display a triangle. It is a GT though because I can pop out the back which is the only way to not get a knot, and because I did the same exact steps to get to these demented-looking GT’s as how I got a few real GT’s. Any help please?

You will get it with practice because you will have better control over the yoyo.
For a tip, just use longer string and an undersized yoyo. It helps a lot.

after swinging the yoyo over the top of your nonthrowhand, put your nonthrowhand thumb on the horizontal strings and swing it back over, you want to make sure the length of the strings from your nonthrowhand to the yoyo is equidistant to the length of the strings between your nonthrowhand and throwhand.

Hope this could help.