The future of yoyo design

Hyper Wide design:


Just remove storage security bolt before play.


I’ve actually had multiple people think that my yoyo was a doorknob when I was carrying it on my belt loop.


Door knob yoyos: Hspin Pyro, Spintastics Eclipse

Now that you mention it, it’s happened to me a couple of times too

@sfyoyos is doing a doorknob yoyo and it looks :heart_eyes: should be out soon!


The now: DK comes out, and a few days later it gets sold out.

Exactly what I need. Nice catch zone. Can’t find it on YYE or any other site. Is it a proto?

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I think you just gave me an idea of what to use all my yoyos for when I end up quiting out of frustration. Convert to door knobs. Seems better than throwing them in a fire. Then again, every time I opened a door I would be reminded of defeat.

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Well, sure. The novelty factor alone almost guarantees that its limited production run will sell out. But let’s see how many buyers are still playing it a year or two from now.


DK Diabolo

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:joy::grin::laughing: Too funny.

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