The first Ti+SS+7075 throw! Index (from AHAY)


10 years after I started learning the first proper yo-yo trick (trapeze), today I am honoured to present to you, my signature throw from AHAY - Index.

  • Titanium outer rim
  • Stainless Steel inner rim (Gold plated)
  • 7075 Aluminium Alloy with multiple-coloured anodizing
  • Fine bead-blasting surface
  • Titanium Axle

As the first yo-yo made with Ti+SS+7075, Index is currently near the end of prototyping processes (I have the 4th~6th prototype). In order to achieve an outstanding performance in the main stream styles/tricks overall, we picked THREE different metals which are used in top-notch throws in the market, to achieve a shape & weight distribution that’s impossible to be constructed any otherwise - the double weight rim structure gives a unique feel & great spin stability whether you want to play it complex or crazily fast.

Through the prototyping processes the throws I have have excellent performances: The connections between the rims and the body are perfectly smooth, and the precision of the throws have been astonishing even after quite a few drops on hard surfaces (which doesn’t change anything) - as if the precision is from a monometal - although this throw has outer rims AND inner rims. The weight and shape of this treasure is about to finalise after a few more detail adjustments, to be ready to give you a mighty experience about what only a TRI-METAL can achieve.

Colourway of the current throw: SAKURA

(The Yo mast3r) #2

Hey! Looks like the Hideyoshi has some competition.


Any info you can give us on specs? Or a profile shot? And a price? Looks really interesting, I’d like to know more!