The Exploitation of Powdercoated Return Tops

Lets see all your pc’d goodies.

Just look at the kind of magic mullicabob can do:

This Gnarwhal was in rough shape. Multiple stab wounds and I think someone tried super gluing glitter inside the hubs ???

Bob’s all “meh, no problem”


I don’t have this anymore, but I commissioned Bob to beautify this Max Bet:

If anybody knows her whereabouts, I’d love to get her back.

That’s amazing! That Gnarwhal is freaking amazing! It’s a work of art!!

DANG! That Gnarwal looks about a bazillion times better than when I sent it to you! Good choice getting it PC’d!

Mullicabob took what I believe was a beaten up Genesis and turned into this stunner! Sorry I don’t have before pics…

I’ll have some nice things to contribute in about a week or so :slight_smile:

I’ll have a special one to show off soon… So you were the one to buy that Gnarwhal! I was looking to buy it and polish it lol

Holy crap that Gnarwhal was messed up lol.

That is quite impressive !!! The photos of your Gnarwhal are very compelling.

I’ve been on the fence about PowderCoating a perfectly smooth Avalanche with an Ano flaw from my negligence, now I’m convinced that it’s the right thing to do.

Good Job to both LinksLegionaire & Mullicabob.

I’m Sold !!

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I couldn’t do that to a Gnarwhal if I tried…

If it’s perfectly smooth I wouldn’t touch it. It makes more sense to do this with throws that already have vibe since powdercoating can cause vibe but that’s just me.

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Uuuuhhhmmm, woah. That Gnarwhal (in beat formation) look identical to mine. Except mine is polished on the outside instead of beat…I just polished it up myself to mirror status. But I have the same holiday green cups. MB did a great job, maybe I should send mine off to him :smiley:

Love it so much!!!

That is so cool.

Can Mullicabob do that in simply anno powder?

High gloss powder coat. And I got me own threesome :smiley: