The evolution...... and will there be a project 3?


The evolution of the Onedrop project (excluding the markmont). The project is actually a anniversary project but you’d never know unless I told you ;). The Onedrop project reached 10 years old last year and we haven’t seen a third project. I know the rebirth is technically the third and I really love that yo-yo, but I miss the hex nut capture system. So will we see another one???


I think that depends on whether Colin L. ever stops into the OD shop again.


As soon as my next batch of beer is done there will be a new project. Colin, funny. Once again the other guy knows nothing.


Ehhhhh, the hex nut system is pretty bad. It would require tuning sometimes to get perfectly smooth. The side effect system is much more superior to the hex nut system. I would actually like to see everything about the original project kept the same, except only with side effects instead. Maybe a silicone groove instead of pads. In all ways though, the Rebirth is basically the Project 3.


This right here :slight_smile:


If the yo-yo had the hex nut caputure system and wasn’t perfectly playing, the yo-yo could be sold as a budget metal.

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I love the Hex nut system, in the Civility and the onedrops.


Why? What’s to love about it?

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It looks really cool, helps your yoyos not strip, and is a lot cheaper than side effects.


Highly debatable, given that almost no yo-yos do this any more.

:+1: though this assumes a steel nut :nut_and_bolt: , not a basic hole drilled all the way through the Alu.

True. I wonder exactly how much side effects adds to the cost of a random yo-yo? I did the math and hubstacks add $25 – bearings on each side, plastic hubs, installation, etc.



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I don’t know about axle holes yet, just talking about the Nut system, also you have to admit that the Civility looks pretty sweet.

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Each side effect costs about $12 straight from OD, but the yoyo halves themselves are actually a little less complicated since they don’t need a bearing seat or tapped axle (that complexity goes directly into the SEs). The cheapest SE yoyos were the 2016 benchmarks ($58) and deep state ($49) while the cheapest non-SE yoyos they made were the Gauntlet ($49) and SK ($44). My guess is that they generally increase the MSRP by about $10.


The OG Project was machined entirely on a mill. I assume that was out of necessity back in the day for OD, but nonetheless a mill step is required for the hex nut system. The Project 2 was machined on a mill and a lathe, but beyond that I think all OD throws have been 100% machined on a lathe which is the best way to do it. That is, unless you want a hex nut system… I’ll admit I think they look kinda cool but they just can’t hold a candle to the current SE system.


Actually it’s because One Drop got its starts making high end herb grinders. Very rare and hard to find. That’s also where the novus comes from. They used to be very deep.
Good times. @Rosenberg i ment to answer you. Messed up.