The Discog Thread

Okay, this may sound really confusing and pointless, but let’s give it a try anyway.

How this works is one person will name a band/artist, and in that same post post a video of the first song from the first album of that artist.
The next person then posts the next song from the album, and so on until the last song from the album has been posted. BONUS TRACKS ARE NOT ALLOWED. If a song is a bonus track at the end of a deluxe edition of the album, you may not post it. The album is decreed over once the last track of the original album has been posted.

After the last song of an album has been posted, the next poster gets to select the next album.
Once again, it must start with the first song from the first album of the band/artist, UNLESS you choose to start the next album of the previous band/artist instead.

The point of all this is is to let people hear the earliest works of a band/artist in full album form, not just individual songs.
So have fun with it! Enjoy the music and please, no commenting on songs without posting the next song in line, thank you.

For info on what song to post next, go to and look up the discography of whichever band/artist is being post.
Examples to search: The Beatles discography; Eminem discography; Creed discography