The Dietz by OneDrop | Review

Ahh, OneDrop. Oh, how I have missed you. It has been a few months since I have reviewed a OneDrop yoyo. OneDrop is one of those companies that put unadulterated joy into their work and I always enjoy trying out their product. They have increased their output quite a bit since the days of the Project and M1. From what I understand, OneDrop is now running three machines and can still just barely meet demand. Lately, OneDrop has been turning their attention to more player models. While Mark Montgomery has two (three if you count the CLYW collab) signature yo-yos, there are a handful of other team members on the OneDrop team. First out of the gate in what looks to be a string of new player models is the OneDrop Dietz for OneDrop Contest Team member Daniel Dietz. review of the OneDrop Dietz