One Drop Dietz

As some people would no one drop has made a signature yoyo for their team player Daniel Dietz.I am not sponsered by one drop but i have tried the Dietz at East Coast Classic in Boston which Dan got third in using this yoyo.It looks to me like a mini code 1 except the side effects are not as shard and are smaller,they may look alike but they do not play alike.It has a large bearing and standerd silicone pads.
to see the dietz in action
to see pictures of it
if you have any ???ns then just ask please ask i have always liked answering questions

Nice video.

What place did he get?

he got 3rd place

Did you mean they play differently? How differently? I have never owned a One Drop. I am kind of hesitant to be honest. One of the few companies I have never owned a product from.

yes that is what i meant and since i tried the proto it had mor wobble

I believe those are “Ultralight” Side effects.

@GunstarHero: I feel bad for you. You haven’t lived until you’ve played a CODE1. Other One Drops are great as well but I’m partial to the CODE1.

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Haha don’t feel bad for me. I’ve gotten a fair share of play with many products from most companies. It’s difficult to try them all unless you have the money. I am checking CLYW off the list soon as an Avalanche is coming my way :wink:

To the person that created this thread, you are correct on everything you just said. The Dietz also known as the Halifax is the signature yoyo of Daniel Dietz of Onedropyoyos.

I’ll have to ask David if he can make an official Onedrop thread for Yoyoexpert.

The Dietz has a similar shape to the Code1 yes and yet the odd thing is if I understand it, the Dietz was under prototyping stage before the Code1 had started but I am not offical on that.

What is known about the Dietz is of the angle like shape of it. It has many angled cuts on it which give it a unique shape. The inside rim area, although looks similar to a code 1, seems to have more weight pushed out to the edges considering it is an undersized throw. It has a good catch zone for it being a smaller based throw using a large 10 ball bearing and the classic silicone groves. From what I understand there will be no groove rings on this.

All in all, this will character to many that have fallen hard for the Code1, but want a more smaller size that will be able to handle horizontal play.


Or they could use a Yuuksta for undersized horizontal play.

If a person is a yoyofactory fan for them then let that be their choice. If a person is a Onedrop fan this is going to do wonders for fans of undersized.

Seriously, why bring up a yoyo that is not Onedrop in a thread that is about a Onedrop yoyo?


thanks for the info Zammy

Wow dude. No need to be defensive. I’m just saying the Dietz isn’t the first yoyo that is undersized and capable of handling horizontal play. There are other options. I don’t understand why people like you get so defensive for their companies. Most modern yoyo’s are more than capable of handling the average yoyoer’s skill level. It’s all about preference (This I agree with you on).

Seriously, why does it bother you so much that I made a valid alternative?

i understand what zammy had goin this is a one drop page not yyf

i thought it was called dietz cuz it is small :stuck_out_tongue:

no but thats good 2

Dietz was originally going to be called the HALIFAX but was then changed to the Dietz since Daniel really took a liking to it. It was in the works before the Code 1, One Drop wanted to try to make a yoyo with a radically different shape than their other releases. Oh and those side effects are made specifically for the Dietz and are not ultralights.

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thanks and how do u no that

Alright, so i’ve heard a lot of hype about this yoyo but can’t find it for retail anywhere. Was it a limited run or just not released yet?

The Dietz is not for sale yet because of the many versions it has had to go through but the finalized batch went to the anodize company and will be available soon.