The Boutique Yoyo Collective Needs YOU!

I started the Boutique Yoyo Collective 2 years ago and it’s been a rousing success so far. It’s now contest season It’s time to build. The idea is to sponsor USA Nationals and possibly worlds, but also to get as much support together as possible for the various smaller contests.

To that end I need some help.

  1. If you are a small yoyo business who wants to be involved please use this link to join the mailing list.

  2. If you have info on any contests coming up please hit me up with any contact information.

  3. If you are an organizer please get me information on sponsorship as far in advance as possible so I’ve got time to pull together funds. I’ve already missed supporting a couple contests because there just wasn’t enough time.

Thanks everyone, I’m looking forward to supporting contests and having a fun year with yoyos!